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Arthur Blair describes this hobby from all angles, beginning with development of postal services, which existed for almost 6000 years before the world's first adhesive stamp, the famous Penny Black, appeared in 1840. He then writes about the production of stamps (and the rare and valuable misprints) before going into detail on the various branches of philately. Over 425 illustrations (165 in colour) reinforce the text and make this book an expert introduction to an absorbing hobby by a life-long enthusiast.
Published by The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, 1972. Total 127 pages
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Selasa, 02 Februari 2010

Vintage Can - White Oats Quaker

Quaker Oats was founded in 1901 by the merger of four oat mills.
The Quaker Mill Company of Ravenna, Ohio, which held the trademark on the Quaker name, and was founded by Henry Parsons Crowell, bought the bankrupt Quaker Oat Mill Company also in Ravenna, OH.He was holding the key positions between the general manager, president and chairman of the company from 1888 until late 1943.
The logo was painted by Haddon Sundblom in 1957. Although it is popularly believed that the man on the box is Province of Pennsylvania founder, namesake and Quaker William Penn, the company states that "The 'Quaker man' is not an actual person", but is instead a generic representation of a "man dressed in Quaker garb".
The company has no formal ties with the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). When the company was being built up, Quaker businesspeople were known for their honesty (Truth is often considered a Quaker testimony). The Straight Dope writes "According to the good folks at Quaker Oats, the Quaker Man was America's first registered trademark for a breakfast cereal, his registration taking place on September 4th, 1877.
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