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Vintage Book - Djamu Tjap Djago

Jamu is traditional medicine in Indonesia. It is claimed to have originated in the Mataram Kingdom some 1300 years ago. Though heavily influenced by Ayurveda from India, Indonesia is a vast archipelago with numerous indigenous plants not found in India, and include plants similar to Australia beyond the Wallace Line. Jamu may vary from region to region, and often not written down, especially in remote areas of the country. Jamu is often distributed in the form of powder, pills, capsules, and drinking liquid. Jamu shops, which sell only ingredients or prepare the jamu on spot as required by buyers, as well as women roaming the street to sell jamu, is a commonly seen way to distribute jamu in Indonesia.

Djamu Djago Indonesian herbal medicine is a company founded by TK Suprana in 1918. Armed with the science of making herbal medicine from his mother, TK Suprana then drawn into the business of herbal medicine, particularly herbal medicine for men. Therefore, his name is called "Djamu Djago". Origin of herbal medicine companies Semarang City is increasingly handled flying since the third generation, Jaya Suprana.

36 pages, include pictures in some pages.
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'NV Handelmaatschappij Kwik Hoo Tong' (Trading Society Kwik Hoo Tong Ltd, KHT is a middle-sized Chinese trading company, in the late colonial Java. During the 1920s KHT had an extensive network of branches and agencies all over East and Southeast Asia. The company was one of the most important pre-war sugar firms. KHT proved to be closely affiliated with Japanese capital, but its bankruptcy in the early 1930s was apparently related to its complicated financial commitments to the Bank of Java (De Javasche Bank).  "SOLD"

Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Can Opener Milkmaid Brand - Soesoe Tjap Nonna

The History :
In 1866 "Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company" incorporated in Cham (Switzerland) by the American Page brothers. In 1867 "Société Anonyme Farine Lactée Henri Nestlé" incorporated in Vevey. In 1905 Merger of the two companies, the absorbing company being re-named "Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company." In 1929 Entry of chocolates maker "Peter-Cailler-Kohler-Chocolats Suisse S.A." in the group.
Estimation of imported to Indonesia and introduced as "SOESOE MANIS TJAP NONNA" in early 1920's

Vintage Wooden Carve Wood Shoes Clogs - Holland

The Wood Clogs are small in size and created as a sailboat with vintage paper. Overall in a good condition. Antique and vintage items by their very nature show normal wear to finish and miscellaneous scratches, nicks, and dings due to age and use. As we define 'in a good condition' relative to the stated age of the piece, we would expect to see 'character marks' consistent with that age and could include minor nicks or dings to a wooden object, paper,etc.
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Bottle Opener "JAVA BIER"

Dates back to 1929 when the company was founded under the name of NV Nederlandsch Indische Bierbrouwerijen. The first brand of the company was Java Bier. In 1936 Heineken became the major shareholder, and the company name changed into Heineken Nederlandsch-Indische Brouwerij Maatschappij. During the years of Indonesia’s Guided Democracy (1957-1965), Heineken stopped being technical advisor and prohibited the use of the Heineken brand-name. Heineken beer was changed in Bir Bintang and the company-name changed into Perusahaan Bir Bintang. The beer is now exported to such different places like: Holland, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Korea, and Guam.
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Catalogue jam 'JUNGHANS"

Katalog yang berisi model jam merk "JUNGHANS" thn 1933.
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Vintage Map

Vintage Map with picture of VW beetle as a front page cover, consist of old road map from Djakarta to Bali with detail of place of interests information.


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